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Your grassroots involvement is vital to getting our Don’t Buy Made in China message out! On this page, you can download a variety of resources to share with your social network through emails, blogging, Facebook posts, and tweeting. These free resources include:

  1. Our Don’t Buy Made in China logo
  2. The Death By China song
  3. The Death By China Trailer
  4. The movie poster

Download and share the ‘Don’t Buy Made in China’ log:




Death By China Theme Song

The original theme song for the film, entitled ‘Death By China’, was recorded by a rather well-known artist, who could not receive a credit on the film due to contractual obligations with his record label. The song is powerful, moving and its melody sticks with you throughout the film.
The original theme song attracted the interest of LA based music publicist, Bobbi Marcus and famed Fleetwood Mac music producer, Ken Caillat.  A decision was made to head back into the recording studio to produce a new version of the song. Ken and Bobbi recruited singer, Justin Young to record the new version.
We would like to share this new version of the song with you. Here is the link to the ‘free’ download.

FREE! Right-Click to download:  Theme Song – Death By China


Share the Video Trailer:

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 Download the Poster

Death By China Poster - Festival Awards